Group courses

We realise that everyone comes to the course with invidual needs and goals.  We tailor our teaching to the needs of the individuals while meeting the requirements of the courses.  We group people together according to their level of English and what they want to acheive.

What do we offer?

Groups of 3 students 
Duration of the lessons 60 minutes
Payment once a month

How long you attend the course is your decision.  If you are unable to attend classes for serious reasons, you do not pay for the lesson.


One-on-one Slovak

We also specialise in One-on-one Slovak. One-on-one courses are highly focused on personal language needs and learning styles, often with extremely impressive and rapid results.

Essential advantages:

An individual program designed for you
More attention and timing
Opportunity to ask all your questions
Modify the classes for your needs
Ask for additional materials.


Courses for companies

Our clients often come with very specific requirements, which is why we have flexible courses that we can tailor for every situation.

In your initial consultation we will assess your course priorities and your study programme timescale.

English Courses:

We will test your written English and your spoken English.

Only then will we recommend the best course of study for you, focused on clear realistic objectives. We will  ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with your progress throughout your course.


Introductions, entertaining, small talk and informal conversation
Everyday business English – familiarisation with idiomatic English common in everyday use
Telephone calls, discussions, negotiations, social interaction
Advising, proposing, requesting, explaining, clarifying
Emailing, correspondence, reports, memos, minutes, presentations
Cultural and linguistic sensitivity

Price list

Group courses


How long you attend the course is then your decision.  If you are unable to attend classes for serious reasons, you do not pay for the lesson.


12,90 €/one lesson

Courses for companies

We will set course prices for companies based on your requirements.

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