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Since 2001, our team, together with effective English language teaching, has also been offering translations and interpreting at a high professional level. We are happy to contribute to your study and work achievements.

We chose the name of the school with the knowledge that our priority is to focus on the needs of our clients. Every student is unique, so we try to adapt the teaching not only to your availability, but we also take into account the pace, intensity and dynamics of the teaching.

What is our goal?
We offer English studies for all ages and levels. We will teach you to communicate quickly, in an informal and friendly atmosphere of small groups. We want learning to be a pleasant experience and a good time to spend with friends.




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Clients said about us

"Fast and efficient"

I started learning English at home, but after half a year of no progression, I came to try an intensive three-month course. It has changed my life. Thank you

"Investing in children"

I enrolled my son half an year before graduation for an intensive one-on-one course. The high school diploma in English went smoothly.

"Great satisfaction"

We paid for the office staff to study a course in communication with partners and customers. After three months we saw good results, everyone had improved.

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